Inside grid, 1 pce | Plastic sifting pan

Insertion grid for the cat litter tray, to be used with Eco Strö.

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Sifting tray

Open litter box design makes waste cleaning easy and is perfect for cats who prefer easy access to the litter.

When using wood pellet cat litter such as Eco Strö, we recommend using the tray together with our Inside grid as sifting tray. If your cat seems to prefer eliminating in seclusion, you can also get our Tray cover which fits perfectly on this tray.

Material: PP.

Colour: White.

Use and maintenance

Fill the inside grid with Eco Strö up to the recommended level. Also place a handful or two of pellets in the lower tray. The pellets are absorbing the cat’s urine and then crumble into sawdust which ends up at the bottom of the lower tray.

When cleaning the litter box, shake the inside grid gently, so that any remaining sawdust in the sifter will fall in the lower tray which then you can empty out.

Every time the litter is replaced completely, both the tray and the inside grid should be washed thoroughly with mild soap and water. Bleach or other harsh chemicals should be avoided.

Rinse them with copious amounts of water and dry them thoroughly before filling with fresh litter.


47 x 33.5 x 14 cm

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